Craniofacial Reconstruction

Craniomaxillofacial reconstruction refers to a diverse group of procedures used to correct problems with the head, skull, face, and neck.  These procedures are used to correct congenital deformities, deficiencies caused by disease, and problems due to trauma. The goal of craniofacial reconstruction is to improve form and function of the affected area while minimizing the appearance of any changes or signs of surgery. Dr. Coon performs primary and secondary trauma reconstruction, soft tissue plastic surgery of the face and revision surgery. We do not treat specialize in congenital or orthognathic conditions, and in these cases will typically collaborate with a surgical colleague in oral-maxillofacial/orthognathic surgery.

In trauma reconstruction cases, Dr. Coon and his team will plan for the best possible outcome. Following principles established by pioneers such as Dr. Paul Manson at Johns Hopkins/Shock Trauma Center, this typically includes early reduction and fixation with titanium plates to reestablish facial skeleton anatomy before gradual adaptation changes in the soft tissue of the face result in irreversible facial deformities.

We frequently uses 3D photography of the face in conjunction with 3D-rendered images of the skull and face from a CT scan together with virtual simulation to collaborate with patients to define the desired goals of the procedure and develop an individualized surgical plan to achieve them. To begin this process, if available we will review your CT scan with you at your first appointment. This technology allows us to design a precise, custom surgical plan for you – this may include custom surgical guides, 3D-printed titanium plates and custom-manufactured permanent implants if necessary.